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    Dental Services

    Smiles matter more than we realize. Research has confirmed that smiles play a role in our relationships and self-esteem. Yet many people choose not to smile because they are embarrassed with their teeth. Fortunately, with today’s dentistry one does not have to worry. There are multiple options for anyone to have and enjoy that Exquisite Smile.


    Cosmetic Dentistry

    Advanced Technology

    At Exquisite Smiles you will discover dental care at the highest level possible. Along with our compassionate services and advance training our staff utilizes technology for the ultimate dental experience.

    Carivu Imaging

    When X-rays are not an option due to advance medical concerns requiring the use of no radiation at all or pregnancy this system can be utilized. Two laser lights penetrate the structure of the tooth and creates a Three Dimensional Image helping the clinician to locate decay that could have otherwise been missed.


    Digital x-rays allows the Clinician to reduce the radiation exposure and utilize computer technology create and enhance the Exquisite details of a patient’s tooth structure.


    Pictures are “worth a thousand words” and can explain what words alone cannot, especially when it comes to a patient’s mouth. Minatare cameras allow our clinicians to bring the details of a patient’s mouth to life in clear color .


    A wireless handheld scope that utilizes natural tissue fluorescence to enhance the way clinicians visualizes abnormalities of the oral mucosa that might not be apparent or visible to the naked eye. Thus, early detection of any change is paramount to optimum health.

    Patient   Testimonials

    My family has used this practice for 15 years and when it transitioned from the former dentist to Dr. Alexander the care and service only got better.

    - Lance W.

    Beautiful office and knowledgeable staff. Dr. Alexander clearly explained what treatment I needed, if any. His staff clearly explained the charges before scheduling my next appointment.

    - Gordon G.

    Dr. Alexander is not only an excellent practitioner but he has added the most up-to-date dental equipment to his practice. I’ve been more and more impressed with every visit and would highly recommend him.

    - John T.

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