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Tooth Replacement
Not many years ago the loss of one’s tooth left only a few options to replace the damage. While permanent teeth should provide one with a lifetime of esthetics and function it does not always end up that way. Many patients unfortunately lose their teeth as a result of an accident, deep cavities, or gum disease. Even one missing tooth can disrupt the delicate balance and function of the oral cavity. As teeth begin to lean and migrate wear and fractures develop from excessive forces leading to complex issues.


Dental implants are an excellent choice for replacing one or more missing teeth. As a long-lasting choice, implant-supported dentistry brings you as close to growing new teeth as possible. Expertly placed in the same bone that once supported teeth, you’ll often enjoy the strength and function of nature. Modern porcelains produce a life-like result that may leave you completely unaware that they aren’t your natural teeth. The stability and sense of confidence you develop with implants will leave you pleasantly surprised.

BRIDGES (When Implants are not an option)

Whenever you cruise across a bridge over the water, you’re being supported by the same principles that hold a dental bridge. Critical stabilization on each side helps bear the load, year after year. Teeth on either side of a space support a replacement tooth engineered from durable materials and glued into place.


At times removable appliances whether partials or complete dentures are a solution to restore a patient’s moth esthetically and functionally. Dentures offer an affordable way to replace any number of missing teeth in your mouth. They have a long history of success and continue to earn a place in the list of options for rebuilding your smile.

As you may know, dentures are removable substitutes for missing teeth. Full dentures provide value when a person is missing all of their natural teeth while partial dentures replace only individual missing teeth to eliminate gaps and improve chewing. Denture treatment is customized specifically to each patient, and our doctors can help you decide which option works best for you.