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Teeth Cleaning
Preventive Dentistry allows patients to maintain their oral health and in turn decrease their dental expenditures. Thus, a partnership between the patient and our clinical team protects your Exquisite Smile. Today’s at home prevention is not limited to just brushing and Flossing. Our hygiene team will create a customize plan that fits your oral health needs. More often than not, these custom plans removes the frustration preventing patients from achieving their healthy goals and their Exquisite Smiles.

Teeth Cleaning

Professional cleanings with a registered dental hygienist allow us to bring a blend of proactive efforts to you. Deposits of mineralized plaque, known as tartar, adhere to certain areas of the teeth, even with your best efforts. These deposits offer suitable housing for millions of harmful bacteria to reside. Left unchecked, they produce a flood of toxins into the gums. This frequently cascades into devastating chronic problems, even resulting in loss of the teeth.

When you visit us periodically, we can gently remove the deposits from the tooth surfaces. Without sitting undisturbed, bacterial tartar doesn’t have the same opportunity to produce irreversible damage. Furthermore, we use professional-strength polishing paste that gently buffs away stain and microscopic plaque, leaving your teeth ultra-smooth and shiny.

Home Care

A healthy smile is highly dependent on what happens between visits to see us. Good oral care habits can be established by anyone. At least two brief sessions of brushing and cleaning between your teeth daily set a foundation for optimum health. Your hygiene will be happy to answer any questions.